Biscuit bread


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Biscuit bread
Biscuit bread is a craft food with a unique flavour.

Its genuine flavour, as in most local products, comes from its peasant origin, from the need to preserve bread for as long as possible, at a time when fresh bread was not readily available every day. After making the bread in a wood-fired oven, it was cooked for a second time to completely remove the water content, transforming it into a sort of savoury biscuit, so that it could be preserved for a much longer time.

You can either eat it dry or soak it in a bit of water.

It is an idea ingredient in fresh tomato salad, with extra-virgin olive oil, oregano and salt, as well as in soups.

Durum wheat semolina Saragolla, common wheat flour type “0” Carosella, mother yeast, water, salt.
Contains gluten.

Keep in a cool dry place away from heat sources.


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