Cilento chick peas


Net weight: 460 gr

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Organic Cilento Chick Peas
Dried organic chickpeas  grown in the Cilento National Park, Vallo di Diano and Alburni.
Unique for their genuineness and taste, they are ideal for the preparation of soups or as a main dish. Among their nutritional values, the high natural content of vegetable proteins and fibre stands out.

Origin: Italy

chick peas*.
(*Organic Product)

Product without preservatives subject to weight loss. Keep in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.

Average nutritional values per 100 gr

Energy value 1323 KJ – 316 Kcal
Fats 6,35 gr
of which sugar
46,9 gr
3,70 gr
Fibre 13,6 gr
Protein 20,9 gr
Salt 0,006 gr

Additional information

Weight 0.95 kg