Cilento cracked Salella olives


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Cracked Salella Olives from the Cilento
A classic light green in colour,  the Slow Food Presidium Cilento Cracked Salilla Olives  have a firm, crisp flesh, a well- balanced flavour, not acidy,  with bitter-spicy sensations. The extraordinary taste of these olives are obtained by marinating the Cracked Salella Olives in extra virgin olive oil of the same variety.

Excellent as a starter, perfect for accompanying cheese and cured meats.

Origin: Italy

Salella olives*, exgra virgin olive oil*, mint*, salt.
*Organic product

Product with no preservatives subject to a drop in weight. Keep in a cool, dry place away from heat sources. Once opened, maintain by covering with oil.

Average nutritional values per 100gr

Energy value 546 KJ – 133 Kcal
of which  saturates
12,8 gr
1,8 gr
of which sugar
1 gr
1 gr
Fibre 5 gr
Protein 0,9 gr
Salt 0,6 gr

Processing. From September onwards, we hand-pick the largest and fleshiest olives which have still not begun to ripen. After washing them, we “crack them open” one by one with a stone or a hammer, pit them and soak them in water to remove the bitter taste. After a few days we put them in brine with mint and other aromatic herbs. They are then pressed to eliminate excess water and packed into glass jars in Salella extra virgin oilive oil.

The product.  The Salella olive is a variety of olive that ripens early and its fruit is pigmented with white spots. The best ones are cracked and preserved  using an entirely manual process.

 The Terroir. The  “i Moresani” farm is located in Casal Velino, in the Cilento National Park, Vallo of  Diano and Alburni, in the province of Salerno. In this area,  characterised from time immemorial  by the presence of oil, Salella olives are widespread. The oil obtained from them has slightly spicy sensations and very intense grassy notes.

 Raw materials. The main ingredient is  the local Salella variety of olive, grown on the farm on about 60,000 square metres of land.  The Cilento cracked Salella Olives  are preserved in Salella  extra virgin olive oil, also produced on our farm and seasoned with aromatic herbs  like mint, bay leaves and wild fennel.

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