Saragolla durum wheat flour


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Organic Sargolla durum wheat flour
Saragolla is the ancestor of modern durum wheats and is free from any contamination by  mutagenicity caused by radioactive Cobalt x & y rays. It has exceptional organoleptic properties and compared to other hard wheats has a higher content of Protein, lipids and mineral salts.

The flour it produces is unique and suitable both for making pasta or bread.  The pasta produced  with Saragolla wheat alone, exclusively with wheat coming from a single cultivated field,  is distinguished by its nice yellow colour,  stays firm after cooking and has an intense and spicy taste.

The fields where Saragolla wheat is grown are found in the Alento River Valley in the Cilento National Park and the Vallo of Diano and Alburni.

The farm operates following the dictates of organic agriculture; the wheat is sown at the end of October and is threshed at the end of June.

Grown and milled in Italy

Organic Saragolla durum wheat.

Average nutritional values per 100 gr

Energy value 1532 KJ – 362 Kcal
of which  saturates
2,9 gr
0,3 gr
of which sugar
63,4 gr
3,3 gr
Fibre 4 gr
Protein 18,5 gr
Salt 2 gr


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